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Welcome to Barcelona Intl. Business Club


DRIt has been exciting period for the Club and its Members. The new edition of the Club Life Magazine, covers Club’s meetings with Special Guests, social gatherings as well as interviews and articles provided by the members.

The period we cover in this edition begins on July 2016 and ends on January 2017. We publish there the most relevant content that both has an important message to our community and due Club’s restricted privacy policy allow us to make it public.

Thus, you will be able to enjoy conversation abstracts from the meetings with Mr. François Nuyts, Vice-President & Country Manager of Amazon Spain & Ital, IKEA’s General Director in Spain, Mr. Tolga Öncü or Ángel Bonet, Partner at Indra among others. All guest’s presentations are always fascinating, however what I personally always enjoy are our debates and Q&A sessions. Those rounds constantly surprise me and give me an understanding of a subjects from completely different perspectives and what is more, to find out members’ inquietudes and interests. I think those debates are the most engaging part of our time spent together.
Majority of Club’s Members state that professional networking and mutual enrichment is a key factor for their careers and professional progress.

In my opinion and according to Ms. Cher Wang, the co-founder of HTC Corporation, “It takes humility to realize that we don’t know everything, not to rest on our laurels and know that we must keep learning and observing” we have to have in our agendas specially marked and reserved time for personal relations and do all possible to keep them alive. Last March, the Club has celebrated Annual Meeting marking our 6th Anniversary together with new venture - “The Movers & Shakers Awards”.

logo msThe Movers & Shakers Awards by Barcelona International Business Club during its traditional annual meeting recognized and rewarded excellence, best practices, personal achievements and innovation in companies located in Catalonia. It provides the benchmark, inspiration and examples for others and we have created a hallmark of excellence. The Business Movers & Shakers Awards also recognized personal abilities, leadership competencies and enterprising mindsets from all industry sectors, embracing businesses of all sizes and ages.


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