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Welcome to Barcelona Intl. Business Club


DRThis year, the Club has celebrated its 5th Anniversary. A lot of things have revolutionized since the foundation, however our values, vision and passion for “Business is Human” didn't change at all.

During those years the Club has strengthened its well predefined positioning that guarantees both, the ambience of the serious business decision-makers and the delivery of the high quality member services.

Today, The Barcelona International Business Club is home to many influential business leaders. It has strong rules of non-selling approach which ensures that business relationships are built through good old fashion discussions and debates regarding business issues and current affairs.

The Members of the Club are the next generation of business leaders and we acknowledge and fully represent their business interests.

The vital credentials for membership at The Barcelona International Business Club are the desire to give and receive advice, be open to discussion and debate with regards to business & social aspects, be willing to share experience and knowledge.

Prospect members and all current members are strongly aware of the power of professional and carefully selected networking.

The Club courts an entrepreneurial culture and spirit as well as creates valuable meetings or events that seek to inspire, challenge the mainstream thinking, shape and help the personal as well as professional growth of all members.

Finally and regardless of current unstoppable advances in communication technologies my desire and objective is to keep the Club as much human as possible that will allow us to understand the complexity of our reality.

Daniel Razniewski
CEO | Founder