Membership of the Barcelona International Business Club
is by "invitation and recommendation only”
in the tradition of fine private clubs

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BIBC Membership

Barcelona International Business Club has adopted a policy of “Membership by Invitation Only”. This means that every new Member who joins the Club must be recommended by, and / or receive an invitation from the Club.Members' nominees must be approved by the Admissions Committee.

The Committee's task is to help the roster of club members to grow steadily and advise and assist the management so the balance, quality and compatibility of members is always maintained.

While nine out of ten companies or individuals who join the Barcelona International Business Club will do so by invitation, applications are also accepted by the Club. Applications are considered by the Membership Committee, after careful screening by the Membership department, when references have been taken up.

Admission Criteria

  • Minimum 7 years in executive / decision making position at top level
  • Titles representing this position may include President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, Managing Director, Managing Partner or Associate
  • The candidate in his/her professional track record must have an experience in leadership of at least 30 regular, full-time employees or the equivalent under his or her control
  • The applicant in his/her curriculum must have an experience in management of at least 2 million euros of company's turnover
  • Invitation from BIBC Membership Committee or Recommendation from the current Member

Membership Types:

  • Executive / Individual Membership +

    Executive Membership can be acquired in the name of a company with single management structure, company owners or by Individuals. Individual Members must to be at least of 26 years of age and have required proven business track record or background which will be assessed by Club's Admission Committee.

    The one-time joining fee per member is €3,000.00 and the annual fee is €1,500.00. Admission during the current year covers 12 months of membership. Fees and dues are exclusive of VAT
  • Corporate Membership +

    Corporate memberships can be acquired in the name of a company. Commercial, professional businesses and partnerships can also apply for this membership type. The Company may propose more than two persons who wish to take advantage of Barcelona International Business Club.

    The upgrade from Executive Membership to a Corporate Membership is €600.00 of joining fee that includes the membership of to two members. The annual fee for each member is €1,500.00.

    The company may appoint another member within the existing corporate membership. Additional members will pay a one-time registration fee of €1,600.00. Admission during the current year covers 12 months of membership.

    Fees and dues are exclusive of VAT
  • Diplomatic Membership +

    Ambassadors, Consul Generals, Heads of Diplomatic Missions, as well as former Ambassadors may apply to become a member of the Barcelona International Business Club and International Associate Clubs.

    Spouses, upon recommendation of the Committee may be granted automatic, complimantary membership.Diplomatic Membership can be acquired for a one-off initiation fee of € 7.400,00.

    Membership duration is of five years and can be prolonged by additional two years upon request and acceptance by the Committee. This Membership has no annual fee and is not transferable. Fees and dues are exclusive of VAT
  • Lifetime Membership +

    Individuals with proven business track record can apply for the lifetime membership.

    There are a limited number of lifetime memberships that can be acquired for a one-off initiation fee of € 22,000.00. This Membership has no annual fee and is not transferable. Fee is exclusive of VAT
  • Benefits & Advantages of Membership +

    1. Members enjoy a direct and personalized access to normally “inaccessible” top company’s decision makers. The quality of private and business networking as well as seniority of Members is the # 1 consideration of the Barcelona International Business Club.

    2. All Club Members are Chairmen, Founders, CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors and Partners in their organizations. Others are Senior Executives. Majority represents European business enterprises

    3. As member of the Barcelona International Business Club you receive a wide range of invitations to over 30 exclusive events and meetings throughout the year with the opportunity to personally meet Club’s Guest Speakers.

    4. Specially designed “Members Get Together” and “Think Tank” series, provide executives with the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and to discuss business-critical issues in a closed forum

    5. Spouses and partners are included in your membership and may attend club’s activities independently by using their own membership card and registering on internal website.

    6. As a Member, you can enjoy outstanding privileges of a Member Benefits Partners: Fairmont Barcelona (up to 70% off on hotel's room and 15% on F&B), BWM Motor Munich, Networkia Business Centers or BonaSport, that are designed to seamlessly integrate our partners’ customized offerings into our members’ personal and business lives.

    7. In addition, the internal membership directory provides the opportunity to present yourself and your company, contacting other club members and promote yourself through “Club Life Magazine”.

    8. Co-operations with exclusive hotels, sport clubs and other leading organizations provide you with special member privileges like up-grades or preferred organizations of sport events.

    9. You will be able to create long lasting, trust-based business relationships
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