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How the blockchain disruption is shaking status quo

Understanding coins, ICOs, utility tokens, tokenized securities and Crypto Banks

PayPro is a financial marketplace where any Decentralized Application (dApp) will be able to offer its services. Thus, dApps will be competing among them to become your supplier, not the other way around as with banks.

In order to accomplish this goal, PayPro is building first a universal wallet that will be capable to store most popular crypto-currencies and any ERC-20 token. As soon as we have released the wallet, we will build the marketplace. 

About Club Special Guest

Degree in Law by ESADE and MSc Management by Imperial College. After finishing my studies in London and a consultancy project with Aberdeen Asset Management, I came back in 2013 to Barcelona to start up my first company. That same year, I made my first investment in crypto-currencies. On 2015, I started up PayPro and became one of the first fintech companies in Europe to use Blockchain. Now we are developing the first decentralized crypto-bank and running one of the first ICOs backed by a Spanish team


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BIBC Executive Lunch 
Date:  March 15th, 2018
Time: 13:30 - 16:00
Format: Lunch, Meetings & Conversations

Type: Members & by Invitation Only
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